About Zynera

Zynera is your business’ go-to source for Cyber Security Applications & Cyber Insurance. At Zynera, our philosophy is simple: We help small businesses and mid-sized businesses AARM and INSURE themselves against cyber security risks.

We help small and mid-sized businesses develop and execute cyber security plans, and we also use the real-time data we collect from our cyber security applications to help your business purchase the right cyber insurance policy. Still, even with our automated and self-service tools, our team is always available to offer as much hands-on guidance as you need to make smart cyber risk management decisions for your business.

Why Zynera?


Having a cyber security plan and good cyber security practices are the two, most important elements small and midsized businesses must use to protect themselves from cyber threats. They are also the most important factors for obtaining appropriate and responsive cyber insurance in case of a breach.

Get Cyber Security


After AARMing your business, utilize the data from our risk assessment to obtain appropriate cyber insurance coverage.  In the unfortunate event of a cyber-related loss, cyber insurance provides multiple protections for your business, including:  Data Restoration · Paying Cyber Extortion · Breach Notification · Credit Monitoring · and many other potential coverages.