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Zynera Cyber Security

Having a cyber security plan and good cyber security practices are the two, most important elements small and midsized businesses must use to protect themselves from cyber threats. They are also the most important factors for obtaining appropriate and responsive cyber insurance in case of a breach.

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With a 25-Point Access Rights Assessment you can assess, audit & remediate your internal network user environment. Compromised access rights and credentials are among small business’ greatest security weaknesses. Schedule an appointment today.


Assess, audit, monitor, and protect your network environment with Cyqūrly. Cyqūrly delivers the real time alerts you need to audit user activity that might affect the network security of your business across servers, applications, and Windows®. Request a Scan today.

Use the data collected from our Access Rights Assessment and ongoing monitoring services with Cyqūrly to INSURE your business.


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Why Cyqūrly for Small Businesses?

Require Password Complexity:
63% DO NOT require password complexity
Password Age:
65% allow the password age to exceed 60 days
Password Length:
50% have a password policy that allows < 5 characters in length
Users with Passwords that never expire:
100% have non-service accounts whose passwords never expire
Lockout Policy:
50% have no lockout policies configured
Dormant Accounts:
100% have active dormant accounts
Highly Privileged Users:
100% have several users as members of highly privileged groups
Administrator Account:
50% do not have the default Administrator account disabled
Identity & Access Management:
34% consider it to be essential and very important
Endpoint Managment:
26% consider it to be essential and very important